Brian Wooley Photography

Brian Wooley Photography

How do They do That?
I started out, like many of us do, taking snapshots. While in high school, my uncle gave me some old equipment he'd used to make black and white prints and I decided to learn how to use it. So, I bought my first SLR, the Pentax K1000 described on the Equipment page, and couple of rolls of Kodak Tri-X, and started shooting. My goal was to learn the entire process from shooting to developing to printing.

I had a nice little makeshift darkroom in the downstairs bathroom of my parent's house. I had bottles of chemicals, a large glow-in-the-dark photo timer, an enlarger, a bulk film loader to load my own film cannister and boxes of photo paper. Here's an example of some of the results:

When I got to college I kept at it with similar results and a little broader subject matter base to pull from. After my freshman year I decided I could either spend more time studying or more time taking photos and making prints. Studying ultimately won out and, with the exception of one stab at wedding photography which could have turned out better, my passion for the art waned. Here's a couple of examples from those college days:

About ten years later, digital was all the rage. I hadn't threaded a roll of film on the uptake sprocket in my trusty old Pentax for years and I decided it was time to give it another try. During and after college my interest in computers generally, and computer graphics and web site design specifically, grew by leaps and bounds. Digital photography seemed like a great way to combine my new passion with fond memories of splashing chemicals in a plastic tray, waiting for the magic to happen.

What's a MegaPixel?
My first digital camera was the Nikon CoolPix 800. Cool name, cool technology - at least it was ten years ago. Today, my little Nikon seems as ancient as my K1000 did then. It still takes great photos but it lacks the flexibility of even the base level point-and-shoot "D" cameras available in today's market. Here are a couple of examples taken with the Nikon:

Several of the photos on this site were taken with the Nikon and even I would be hard pressed to tell whether they were taken with the Nikon or with my newest toy, the K10D. As far as cameras go, I've come full circle and am once again learning how to use an SLR and all it's attendant intricacies. Hopefully, you'll agree I've made some progress even though if you ask, I'll tell you I'm just a hack struggling for that one shot that makes even me say "wow!"